9 Things I did over Spring Break that didn’t involve “The List”

On the very first day of Spring Break, I parked myself at a nearby Shari’s for something like five hours to pound out the final pieces of my application for our school district’s Assistant Principal job pool. They only give you one week to get everything done, and while I had finished all the normal requirements earlier in the week (resume, letters of rec, etc), I still had four essays to write. I’m not sure if it’s a habit back from my college days or what, but sitting in a public space with free-flowing coffee is where I get my best work done.


The next day, I flew to Phoenix with my friend, Megan, whom I’ve known since 6th grade. She lives in Seattle and we really, REALLY needed some sunshine.

I worked so hard on my admin application, that I decided to take a break from my goal list, too. Sometimes you need a break from more than just work, but also your personal life (…even if it’s as awesome as mine happens to be).

9Things I Did Over Spring Break that Didn’t Involve “The List”

1. I got my bronze on.


2. I ate too much candy and got a stomach ache.


3. I picked an orange right off a tree!


4. I hiked to the top of what Arizonians consider a “mountain.” (This wouldn’t even have registered as a hill in Oregon).


5. I broke into a pool on the top floor of another hotel and watched a dust storm.


6. I took a city bus after a cab driver dropped us off in the middle of nowhere. (BTW, cab drivers in Phoenix are hella shady).


7. I got half-involved in saving a bunch of baby ducklings (yes, they made it safely back home).


8. I got the hard copy of J.J. Abrahm’s book, S. (Thor said I sounded like the double rainbow guy when I was opening it up).


9. I watched the season finale of “Girls.” 



Tomorrow I’m back into the real world…just a whole lot more tan.

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