Back in the kitchen, or up at the microphone

(insert annoyingly long stressed out noise here)

Tonight I spent a couple hours reconfiguring my resume because applications to our school district Assistant Principal pool are due this weekend. Tomorrow I will start writing my answers to the four essay questions they require, and by Thursday I should have all my letters of recommendation uploaded. Looking for a job sucks, especially when you already have a good one and you a good kick in the pants to get yourself going.

That being said, I’m also working on a nifty flyer to advertise the class I’ll be teaching with my colleague, Angela, this summer at Portland State University. 

To top it off, my buddies over in Kansas asked me if I would be interested in leading a presentation on podcasting at this summer’s SIM Conference, to which I replied, “Of course!” 

Why am I telling you all this? Well a year ago, I was feeling like my career had no options. Angela and I were bemoaning our lack of professional movement (especially as the power team that we are). We decided to take things into our own hands and start a podcast about strategies/ideas we used in the classroom, and our experience leading workshops for teachers. Maybe this will get the word out, we thought, which is pretty rad because it worked…and the experience has been fun (for a couple of teacher nerds like ourselves).

Last weekend, my school had their big fancy auction.  At the end of the night, I sat at our table watching parents drunkenly bid and shout while the auction co-chair tried to corral their raucous laughter, and conversely the kitchen staff was scrambling to clear tables as we were already 45 minutes past our limit. I said to Thor, “I feel like I’m someone who needs to either be back in the kitchen, or up at the microphone.” 

After spending the night on my resume, I’m egotistically impressed with all my hard work and experience over the last seven years in education. From what I’ve seen, administrators are very often “back in the kitchen” or “up at the microphone” so I really hope this is my calling. 

2 thoughts on “Back in the kitchen, or up at the microphone

  1. Good luck. Ultimately the essay process should also show you how accomplished you are. We rarely have time to reflect on our progress, now you have to. Enjoy it. And would love to hear more about SIM sometime.

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