Suck it Up – Part Deux

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post called “Suck it Up” about how to get over yourself or other external forces that may get in your way. The post was focused on exercise because I was just getting back into running and rehabbing my knee. I seriously don’t know why I don’t have a “Suck it Up” t-shirt yet (hel-lo Nike! I just wrote your next best seller!) but it still runs through my head (and out of my mouth) all the time.

Today was a “Suck it Up” kind of day. 

To start, it’s suddenly sunny in Portland, hurray boo! For the rest of the world, this is great news. 60 degrees in Portland means everyone is wearing shorts, drinking a beer on the patio, and riding their fixy-bike around with a multitude of children and dogs in tow. For teachers, it means the students have gone crazy.

I’m the first to admit that my class this year is a DREAM. I went from a school where I literally had to call 911 to break up violent mobs, to a school where` I read aloud to students while they eat organic, gluten-free, wanna-be Oreos as their morning snack. That being said, I’ve found both socio-economic groups to be equally annoying once the spring sun comes out.

By 3:00, I was EXHAUSTED. I wanted to lay my head on my desk and listen to ambient music, but instead I rushed down the street to get my nails done before my 5:00 Boot Camp class. You would think 2 hours is enough to get a manicure, but I had the most detail-oriented woman who gave me the finest manicure I’ve ever had, but made me completely late to my workout (#firstworldproblems).

I raced out the door (already late) and attempted to pull my nylons off and pull my workout pants on at a stoplight. Traffic was terrible, and by the time I made it there I was 30 minutes late for a 60 minute class, and half-dressed at that. No biggie! I said to myself. Suck it up! You’re here!

I decided to stay and run on the treadmill to make up for my lost time. I had forgotten a hair tie, so my poorly bobby pinned hair kept dropping sweaty pieces in my face. Then I got a side-splitting cramp (which I NEVER get). After 3:52 minutes of running through my miserable cramp, the treadmill blanked out and wouldn’t come back on (as if to say, Stop…just stop…). I headed over to a spin bike, declaring, Suck it up!

Once on the spin bike, my arms (greased up from the manicure) were DRIPPING SWEAT in an embarrassing manner, and the brake kept slipping, causing the bike to make the sound of a dying yak. The guy next to me kept looking over in complete annoyance. I just kept repeating my mantra, “Suck it up,” and remember some quote I read on Pinterest that said, You always regret a workout you skipped, but you never regret a workout you finished.

Right about then, I accidentally knocked my phone from it’s resting position and watched it slide a good 15 feet across the concrete floor with an enormous commotion.

I decided to call it good. Today just wasn’t working, but I sucked it up anyway. It would have been very easy to lost my patience and snap at my students, or skip the gym because I was late. In the grand scheme of things, my problems are insignificant and trivial.

One thought on “Suck it Up – Part Deux

  1. I felt the same way yesterday. Hit by a truck, just hand be a beer so I can lie down and make groaning sounds on the couch and dream of vacation. It wasn’t bad, I felt like a was yelling all day(not in a mean way) but to be heard over the loud chatter. I was just exhausted.

    And I didn’t run. Gah!

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