#12: Run 5 miles in 36 minutes or less. Check.

After having knee surgery almost two years ago, it was a long road back to running even just a few miles and I was happy to limp through 6 miles by the end of 2012. It wasn’t pretty, but it gave me that “I’m back!” feeling. Then last year I switched up my goal to speed instead of distance. I ran one mile in 6:23. My knee still doesn’t feel normal (and I doubt it ever will), but if I can run, I can handle it.

For this year, I decided that I should continue on speed, but at a challenging distance – hence 5 miles in under 36 minutes. Using my Nike+ Running app, I was flipping through my previous runs in the last year to look for trends in my running. Suddenly, I realized I had already achieved my goal!


Soooooo yeah. There’s that. 

I remember that run distinctly. I was in Lawrence, Kansas and had spent the entire day drinking coffee at a educational conference. I’m not someone who likes to sit for long periods of time, and I needed to run off eight hours of pent-up energy. Let me tell you, my very best runs are always after I’ve been held overly captive at a training or meeting. 

This is my blog, and I get to do what I want – so I’m crossing this goal off! I also reserve the right to replace it with something else. Probably fitness related. My friend, David, said I should just try to run the five miles even faster. When I said I didn’t think I could, he goes, “Bullshit! It’s all in your head.” Which is true; mentally I’ve already achieved the goal so now I’m ready to move onto something else.

Currently, I’m ramping up my training for the ever elusive “Burpee Mile.” I haven’t been able to find a specific training plan online, so I’m making up my own plan in the meantime. I make sure to incorporate burpees into my workouts 3x a week, and I am working to increase how many I can do each week.Yesterday, I managed 120 (sets of 20 with other stuff in between). My standing burpees include a jump, and my distance burpees include a broad jump (you’d be surprised that the latter is easier). In 2012 when I was shooting for 100 pushups, the key was simply doing them ALL THE TIME. 

My biggest obstacle right now is our crap weather. We finally got a nice day last week and I was headed to the high school track across from my school to see how many burpees where in one lap, but the track team was practicing their javelin throws and I decided a run around the neighborhood might be safer.

If you have a plan or an idea about working on that Burpee Mile, I would love to hear it.

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