Goals that stick, and goals that suck

Yesterday I made a quiche, and as I was mentally noting what an easy recipe it was, I remembered that “Make a quiche” was one of my first goals (back in 2012). Then I started wondering which “goals” have remained in my daily life, and which ones haven’t. Last year I diligently learned two new words a week, and so far this year I don’t even think I’ve open my Vocabology app once. 

Some of my goals are just “one and done” kind of activities, others are basic curiosities, and some are things that require me to really push myself. In my head, I envision my knowledge and skills as a file cabinet. Every time I learn something new, I get to add a file that can be accessed later. 

Top 5 Goals that Have Lasted Over Time

1. Recipe for Crustless Spinach Quiche. Not only do I now know how to make a quiche, I have perfected my own recipe. (Instead of muenster, I do 1 cup sharp cheddar, 1 cup ricotta, and 1 cup mozzarella).

Crustless Spinach Quiche Recipe

2. Lots of push-ups. I may not be training for 100 pushups anymore, but I still incorporate many different types into my workouts.

 Push Up Variations & Exercises 3

3. Playing bingo. We may not have played in awhile, but bingo is still a favorite pastime. Nothing is more amusing than eating an egg salad sandwich while listening to your friends curse under their breath because their number doesn’t come up.

4. Running. Of course I ran before my blog, but posting about my knee surgery and setting running goals has made me develop a new appreciation for it. This weekend Portland is DRENCHED in huge rainstorms. While most people were bitching about it, I was running.


5. Throwing a ball. Last weekend when we had our major snowstorm, I was secretly impressed with my newfound ability to throw a snowball! I had distance AND accuracy!


Top 4 Goals that Have NOT Lasted Over Time

1. Crosswords. I used to really enjoy crosswords. Sadly, I think I mentally exhausted myself by overdoing it and traumatized myself. I haven’t TOUCHED a crossword in probably a year. 

2. Cooking an artichoke. Yep. Way too much work for way too little payoff. Next!

artichoke cartoons, artichoke cartoon, funny, artichoke picture, artichoke pictures, artichoke image, artichoke images, artichoke illustration, artichoke illustrations

3. Pull ups. Not that I don’t EVER work on my pull-ups anymore, but good god my body just isn’t meant for them. Nothing was more demoralizing than really, REALLY training in a variety of ways and being completely incapable of more than two.

4. Bowling. Not enough physical activity, too many single people hitting on each other, and the smell of feet. I’m still up for an occasional game with my friends, but as a team sport, I’m out.


2 thoughts on “Goals that stick, and goals that suck

  1. Best thing I ever did with my teaching colleagues back home. We had an all district bowling league. We would meet up between MLK and Spring Break every Thursday. 2 rounds, lots of laughs, and the french fries and beer wasn’t bad either. I kind of miss it this time of year.

    • That sounds similar to the semi-regular karaoke I do with my colleagues. Tons of laughing and blowing off stress, as well as seeing each other in a very different light. I don’t know what I would do without it.

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