Top 10 Best Stories I’ve Heard on a Podcast

On my morning commute today, it occurred to me that although I have a goal of reading three books a month, I actually “read” many other important stories all day. In fact, I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who reads as much news as I do. In addition, I listen to short stories via podcast all the time. If you’re stuck in the car or on public transportation on a regular basis, I highly recommend listening to more than just music. 

My weekly commute goes like this:

Monday – music.

Tuesday – Pseudopod (sci-fi) or Escape Pod (horror) stories.

Wednesday – The New Yorker Fiction.

Thursday – The Moth (true stories).

Friday – music.

This routine actually makes bumper to bumper traffic almost unnoticeable. In fact, last month I was so engrossed into a story I literally missed my exit. Of course not all stories are great, and my rule is that if I’m drifting off in thought at 7 full minutes in, I’ll switch to something else. But the good ones make it worth it.

I’ve been listening to podcasts on a regular basis since 2008 (and have even been podcasting myself since about that time, but that’s another story). In that time, some stores have continued to resonate with me. I figure why not share them?*

Top 10 Best Stories I’ve Heard on a Podcast

1. Denis Wolf “Emergency” – The New Yorker Fiction Podcast

2. Joe Limone “The Magic Nail” – The Moth Podcast

3. A.E. Hotchner “The Day I Became a Matador” – The Moth Podcast

4. Debbie Scaling Kiley ” Lost at Sea” – The Moth Podcast

5. Andrew Marinus “Whispers in the Dark” – Pseudopod

6. James Thurber “The Wood Duck” – The New Yorker Fiction Podcast

7. Steven Milhauser “In the Reign of Harad IV”- The New Yorker Fiction Podcast

8. Irene Pepperberg “Alex and Me” – The Moth Podcast

9. Josh Ferris’s “The Dinner Party” – The New Yorker Fiction Podcast

10. Charlie Bookout “Four Views of the Big Cigar in Winter” – Pseudopod

*Of course I’ve listened to a ton of great stories over the years, but these are the ones where the titles never left my brain.

More importantly, got any recommendations for me now?

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Stories I’ve Heard on a Podcast

  1. I love podcasts too! I used to work in an office where I could listen to them all day and it made my shifts really enjoyable! The Moth and the New Yorker Fiction are among my favorites too. I also like This American Life, Radiolab and How Stuff Works.

  2. 1) Have you ever been to one of The Moth StorySLAM events in Portland? I’ve been wanting to go to one for a while, but they sell out pretty quickly.

    2) Other great podcasts: RadioLab, How Stuff Works, and Snap Judgment.

    • I have desperately wanted to go but I feel like their ticket selling system is a screw job! Like you have to know someone to get in. I would totally go if you ever want to.

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