#11 – Bake a coconut cream pie. Check.

We have continued to be snowed in, as more snow and freezing rain have hit Portland. We aren’t used to this so the entire city is basically shut down. From what I can tell, all of my friends are spending their time on Facebook waiting for someone to post a quiz or post a hilarious youtube video because no one can leave the house. Last night, we were so bored we watched Olympic Ice Dancing. It was terrible.

I’ve been busying myself in the kitchen. On Friday, I made an apple pie and then turkey chili in the crockpot. Saturday, Thor and I co-cooked homemade macaroni and cheese. Today, I figured why not make that coconut cream pie that’s on my list (and a pan of brownies just in case the pie doesn’t turn out). Normally we don’t eat calorie busting foods like this day after day, but comfort food seemed right for this miserable weather…so why not?

I randomly selected Emeril Lagasse’s recipe for a Coconut Cream Pie



Overall, things went well. The pie filling was easy enough to make but I fully admit I used a store bought pie crust because I hate making crust, which added the much needed salt and preservatives to the eggs from my in-laws farm, organic milk, organic coconut shreds, and raw sugar. 


Before the meringue topping

Yet nowhere in the recipe does it say exactly how to cool the pie. Room temperature? In the refrigerator? How long? So I gave it like 30 minutes in the fridge and then made the meringue topping. Should I do this over again, I would definitely cool the pie for a good hour or more because when we spooned it out, the slices were pretty messy. Otherwise, this was a relatively easy recipe and now I can say I’ve done it!



Oh yeah, and we also had to taste the brownies to make sure they were edible. Then my brother-in-law, Roland, taught us how to make ice cream out of snow (why didn’t I get a picture of that?!). School was cancelled yet ANOTHER day tomorrow so I’ll have time to get an extra long workout in 😉

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