My token post about football

When talking about my blog/goals with others, sometimes people make half joking comments like, “You make me feel lazy,” or “I feel guilty because you are doing so much and I’m not.” Two people even said they reduced how much they see my status updates on Facebook because all my “accomplishments” made them feel bad about themselves. Whenever this happens, I try to reassure people that I am quite lazy at times, or that there are lots of things I can’t/haven’t/won’t do.

The last thing I would want someone to feel when they read my blog is inadequate. I would hope you be inspired to do something yourself, or offer your expertise to help me, or at least appreciate my ridiculousness. But for those who might be sick of my apparent “positiveness” this post is dedicated to you (because I just need to get this out).


I am so SICK of people talking about football to me!!!!!!!! All damned day, it’s football football football. In the morning, my students ask me what team I favor; at lunch the other teachers wax intellectual about the latest games; the cashier at the grocery store tells me that the PAC-12 is going to be a lot tougher next year.


Last fall, I literally considered making “Learn to talk about football” one of my goals because I feel like it never stops. Maybe I would get more into it if I knew what the hell people were talking about, right? Then I realized how I totally could care less.

Thor watches football all the time, and I happily watch with him. I even jokingly call things out to try to make it more fun. Let’s be real, I’m an athlete and I have played sports so I have a general gist of what’s going on. I like to drink a beer and shoot my mouth off. Frankly, that’s my strength in life. But WHY does everyone feel the need to talk about it ALL THE TIME?? Does it really matter what coach switched teams? or who made an awesome play? or what team’s defense is lacking? NoooooOOOOOOOOO. (Well at least not to me).

There are some things I could talk about for HOURS. Yet I don’t force people to talk about The Young & the Restless, or my cats, or my favorite characters on LOST. I assume they would be bored to tears, so I honor that. I respect their interest level. And instead, I smile and nod while they talk about some ridiculous football stat from 1993…while secretly screaming in my head.

Tomorrow, I’m headed back to school, and I’ll feign interest during the regular lunch-time football talk. Like C3PO says, it’s my lot in life. But if you’re someone who goes on and onnnnnn about your favorite sport (that causes traumatic brain injuries, BTW), take a look around and see if the person you’re speaking to has eyes glazed over, or a twitching lip, because maybe they just don’t care.

American Football Bloopers

Sorry. Tomorrow I will be back to “Mrs. Positivity.”

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