The Calendar

Every year I have found that making a calendar is really important to planning and managing when I will attempt to achieve all of my goals. Granted, the calendar sometimes changes, but it’s good to plan ahead so that things don’t snowball at the end. Being a teacher means that I am super busy at specific times of the year, and then I’m super un-busy at other times (hel-lo summer!). So here’s my general plan:



One big thing I considered (beyond my teaching schedule) was the weather. I consider myself a runner. I’m not a die hard, but I rarely go a week without a run (though I was just bemoaning my lack of December runs due to freezing conditions, and then my bronchitis). But I am SO Portland when it comes to running. I HATE HATE HATE summer running. Whereas some people can’t wait for the sun, I can’t wait for the rain. Give me 47 degrees and rainy any day for a good run; thus I picked April to attempt to run 30 days in a row (i.e. April showers). And if it doesn’t happen, then I have a future month to fall back on.

Keep in mind, watching a classic movie a month and reading three books a month are not listed on the calendar, plus I have a life outside my goals – so I’m busier than it may seem. 

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