Already getting started…

Today my friend, Angela, and I spent the afternoon polishing our paperwork for a course proposal at Portland State University and submitted everything a good month before the deadline. We already got a green light from the Assistant Director of Education back in September, but you would never BELIEVE how much is involved to even submit a proposal! It’s been truly exhausting and I’m so grateful that I have a partner in all this because otherwise I have a feeling I would have burned out awhile a go.

So what is our class? It’s a graduate level class for new and current teachers, upper elementary through high school. Here’s an excerpt from our syllabus in case you care:

“Topics covered will be strategic content planning and instruction in the upper elementary through high school classroom. During construction of The Unit Organizer, Frame, and LINCS, teacher candidates will have the opportunity to align their devices with the Common Core State Standards. Teacher candidates will outline the critical content and make decisions about delivery.” 

That being said, that is about ALL I did today. I literally didn’t even shower. At least not yet…

On a side note, apparently I have inspired two of my closest dudes to start blogs very similar to my own. If you are into goal lists like mine, you might want to check theirs out. The first is my husband, Thor, and you can find his blog here: Like a Boss Blog. If you want to know the REAL dirt on Thor, you can read my previous post All About Thor. The other blog is by my good friend, David, who is a total nut. I’ve suggested in the past that if he had a reality show, people who insist it was scripted. Check out his blog here: Call Kong

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