My 2014 List of Stuff to Do

Let me say that although 2013 was a pretty good year, it ended like a giant piece of crap! I came down with bronchitis on the last day of school and have had one hell of a pity party over the last couple weeks while I’ve been hacking up a lung on the couch. All my amazing Christmas plans were tossed aside so that I could instead ingest monumental amounts of Mucinex and herbal teas. BOOOOOO!

So this morning, while I’m still coughing, Thor was putting on his running gear and I was like, “Man, I’m jealous. I wish I could go run.” And he replied, “Well then why don’t you?” Normally he’s the one who tells me to know my limits (such as last week when I was trying to impress him with one-handed push ups in between coughing fits). After a quick Google search, it appeared that if you’re on the tail end of bronchitis, an easy run might actually be good for you. So I immediately went out for a jog, and felt better. (Note to wives: every once in awhile, your husband is actually right). 

My point being, the first day of 2014 might not be exactly what I’d hoped for, but I’ve got nowhere to go but up.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I REALLY want to do this year…like what will make this a rocking year? Cause with blowing out my knee and then surviving a tyrannical boss over the last two years, I think I’m ready to make some bigger leaps. As usual, I’ve compiled a “bucket list” of sorts, mostly with goals around cooking, fitness, and hobbies – but I’ve added a twist. I know that some of my biggest goals aren’t always just about what I can do independently – sometimes it’s a composite of several circumstances. Thus I’ve added a “BONUS GOALS” category where I will work toward them, but I fully accept that they are lofty goals and I might not close the deal. And that’s ok!

I’ve also made a mental note that if I achieve a bonus goal, I will reward myself in some special way (still to be determined).

So here they are…my list of stuff to do for 2014:


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