2013 in Review

Well, it’s time to assess 2013 in all it’s glory and failures.



Let’s talk about the ones that didn’t happen first.

1. Learn how to shoot a handgun. Based on the news broadcasting all their warnings about celebratory NYE gunfire, I’m guessing this one isn’t going to happen tonight. First off, I did call a couple gun ranges in the area, and I felt like they were really messing with me. I have NO INTENTION of carrying a concealed weapon. I know there’s all this crap on the news about teachers having guns in the classroom, but I’m not ready for that….yet (LOL). I just want to be able to go the a range, know how to properly shoot, and practice a little. They kept trying to make me sign up for expensive concealed weapons permit classes, and there were rules that just one person can’t rent a gun – you have to have two people? WTF too complicated! 

2. Get a tattoo in another city. I already have plenty of tattoos, so it’s not like I was looking to get my first tattoo. I’ve also gotten a tattoo while on vacation in the past, so it’s not like that was all that new either. I just thought it might be fun. But everytime I was out of town, I was busy seeing the place! So I’m not lamenting this one. If it happens that’s great, but I’m not forcing it.

3. Get really good at playing pool. Hey now! I played pool this year! Once. It also just didn’t happen. My friend, Courtney, also spent many a summer night at a local bar with open pool table, but we spent our time hogging the jukebox and eating chicken giblets. Can’t win them all!

4. Incorporate skateboarding into my regular workouts. Ok, I really did get my skateboard out many times. But man I was rusty. And my knee felt a little funny. Then it rained. So what I’m saying is that I made a half-assed effort. My board is still handy, and I’m not done, but I didn’t seal the deal like I had intended.

5. Enter a karaoke contest. I previously blogged about why I lost enthusiasm for this one (namely that I witness a terrible Christmas in July karaoke contest). That being said, I recently KJ’d for a party at a bar which was my alternate goal for this one. I was the worst KJ: my equipment didn’t work right, and I lost patience for some of the audience (Rule #1: don’t touch the KJ’s laptop when she steps away!). I also do karaoke at least once a month, so it’s not like I have a shortage of karaoke in my life.


Now for the highlights! I had a lot of great moments over the year, but some were more memorable than others. Most recently, making a gingerbread house and learning to snowshoe. Both excellently seasonal goals. And the Citizen’s Police Academy was probably my favorite experience of the whole year. Not only was it really informational, it was totally entertaining in soooOOOO many ways. I’m stoked that I ran a mile in 6:23 minutes, especially considering the fact that I had knee surgery one year before. 

I hear a lot of people tell me they are thinking of writing their own list of goals, and I highly recommend it…but making your list public is really key. This time of the year, tons of people make “resolutions” but those resolutions are already lost and forgotten by the time the Superbowl hits. Even I forget what my own goals are on a regular basis, and I have to come to my own blog to reassess my progress. I make a calendar and I keep a list on my phone. If you follow my blog, you would see how critical my friends are to helping me close the deal on some things. I also post on Facebook, and talk to my students about my goal-setting. Ain’t no shame in moving yourself forward.

If you’re reading this, I would love to hear some of things you have planned for the upcoming year as I’m drafting my final list (to be post tomorrow!). And finally, thank you for reading because it somehow gives my ridiculous life purpose.Image

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