#19 – Learn How to Play the Stock Market. Check (mostly!).

For two reasons I had just about given up on this one. The first being that everyone had advice, but after half signing up for some stock information online, I felt even more confused. I just wanted someone to show me how to do it, but it was getting to be more of a burden than something fun. Second, our school district has been in some pretty heated bargaining over the last couple months and the word “strike” has been thrown out a lot. No one wants to strike (especially teachers right after the holidays) but neither side seems to be budging, so I feel like perhaps I shouldn’t be throwing my paycheck up to the stock market…especially when it’s amateur hour up in here.

BUT last night we had dinner at my sister-in-law’s house, and they gave me the best Xmas gift of the season: 

 Although I haven’t done any official trading yet (takes three business days to add money to an account when you first sign up), I’ve set up my online account with their help and scheduled a firm date later this week to make my first trades. Thor also suggested that we make it a competition so he also signed up. 

Watch out: by this time next year, I’ll be scrutinizing the Wall Street Business Journal over black coffee every morning.

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