5 Types of Friends Every (WO)MAN Needs

At the end of last year I wrote a post entitled I’d Like to Thank the Academy because I truly couldn’t complete my goals without all the rad friends I have in my life. Having others interested in my list, and offer their expertise or support is like the added bonus. While some of my goals are more individual, others are more interactive in spirit.

I just ran across this article 5 Types of Friends Every Man Needs, and I immediately knew who my five were (yes, let’s get past the fact that I regularly read “The Art of Manliness”). I love this article! It makes perfect sense! So while I can never list all the people who helped me out this year, this narrows it down to one of my proverbial “Top 5” lists.

The Mentor


Being a school counselor, my friend, David, is familiar with giving advice. It’s kind of weird to think I had only met him last year because now he’s on speed dial. David recognizes I’m kind of a dude, but still a chick, so we can talk weightlifting or building a fire, but I still feel comfortable asking him dumb questions. Not only did he provide guidance through a hellish school year, but also provided levity. He shows enthusiasm when I have a random idea, but is also quick to call me out if I say or do something stupid. And most recently when I needed advice on a delicate issue, he was the one I sought out for advice.

The Wingman/Bachelor

ImageOk so the article states the Wingman helps you feel more comfortable dealing with the opposite sex, but I think of my Wingman more as someone who is always at my side for the even the most ridiculous exploits. My friend, Courtney, was there for like a good 30% of my list. We made gingerbread houses, drank expensive wine, and wore cat shirts the whole time. On the surface, she seems prim and proper, but she can pound a beer in one drink (I’ve seen it). When I’m being a wimp, she’s the risk taker, and I can always count on her to try something new no matter how stupid it sounds. On top of that, I totally respect her as a colleague so we totally talk about teaching in a super judgy way.

The Handyman


Anytime I have a cooking question, Frances is the first person I ask first. On top of cooking, she just knows how to DO STUFF. She’s the kind of person who isn’t afraid to ask questions, so I’m sure that’s how she has learned how to do so many things. Although I’m not re-tiling my bathroom or changing my oil, I totally think of Frances when the article says, “(S)He can help you with home improvement projects, (s)he can tell you how to grill the perfect steak, and (s)he can even give you tips for negotiating on that car you’re looking at buying.” Not only did she teach me how to make a mean bloody mary, she most recently taught me how to snowshoe. She’s a real man’s man.

The Fitness Buff

Image The one person I can talk endless about running or push ups with is Rachel. She just gets it. I resent that the article says that the fitness buff is probably your “least favorite friend” because how could someone who inspires you to be your best be annoying? I can’t count how many Saturday mornings I didn’t even want to get out of bed, but by lunch time she had me doing bench presses that made my head want to explode. Who wouldn’t love that?

The Work Pal


 Man, how would I have survived the last five years without Angela? We didn’t just teach in the same building, in the same grade, and in adjoining rooms, but we also carpooled and happy houred and traveled to Kansas, all for the sake of our grinding jobs. She’s the cool-headed notetaker who will end up twerking on the dance floor at the staff party. We are a power team (we joked about stapling our resumes together when looking for jobs) but she breaks up the monotony with hilarious impressions and ridiculous Youtube videos. Sadly, we may not be in the same school this year, but I envision us being principals together someday down the road.

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