6 weeks to go…

Well, the sand in the hourglass is almost gone, and it’s time to evaluate my last stretch of the year. Here’s where I’m at:

1. Learn how to properly shoot a handgun: Ugh I’m just confused about what to do here! I called a couple ranges and they want me to sign up for a concealed weapons permit class, but I don’t want the stupid permit. I just want to shoot at a range! I have a gun! What do I do??? I may just end up going out to the woods and shoot some cans, I guess.

2. Learn two new words a week: This one is going great. Every week I’m checking into my Vocabology app, and quizzing myself.

3. Learn how to make an intricate gingerbread house: I have organized a small get together at my place in December to make gingerbread houses with some friends. I plan to bake the pieces the night before and assemble them VERY CAREFULLY and VERY INTRICATELY. Hopefully it goes well, and becomes a tradition!

5. Get a tattoo in another city: Screw this one. I’m over it. At first I thought I would get one in Omaha, but then I didn’t want to waste the precious hours we had sitting in a tattoo chair. I considered hitting up a place in Austin, but I was so exhausted that I just wasn’t in the mood. And seeing as I’m not planning to go anywhere in the next six weeks, this one seems unlikely.

8. Learn how to snowshoe: I’m going to Sunriver this weekend to learn! This one’s totally in the bag!

10. Get really good at playing pool: I have literally played pool ONCE this year. It was fun, but obviously not fun enough to work itself into a regular habit. I’m over this one, too.

12. Incorporate skateboarding into my regular workouts: When the weather was nice, I really did get out and get some skating in, but my knee still just felt a little unsteady. I got nervous. I fully intend to skate more on some nice days, but until the mental trauma I have from blowing out my knee receeds a bit, I’m not ready for this one…

13. Enter a karaoke contest: Blame it on that bar, The Pit Stop, off Canyon Road in Beaverton. That terrible Christmas in July contest they had not only ruined my karaoke contest dream, but it has made me never want to do karaoke with strangers ever again. Want to relive my trauma? Here’s the post on that one: https://couponbomb.wordpress.com/2013/07/

17. Get my Administrative License: While it has taken longer than I anticipated (thanks to my ex-boss, otherwise known as Satan), I recently submitted my portfolio and I just have to take the big test. It’s very close, although I probably won’t get the license before December 31st.

19. Learn how to play the stock market: Two words: pay day. This one is coming real soon.

As you can see, there are a lot of goals left, but most of them are on track. I’m someone who truly believes that goals should be reevaluated constantly. I have my student set goals all the time, and I always preface the lesson with, “You may not end up achieving this goal. You may end up realizing there is something else more important that you do; and in a sense, that is better than finishing something you no longer care about.”

The next six weeks should be pretty fun, and that’s what it’s really all about.

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