#18 – Go to One Live Music Show a Month. Check.

I’m the first to admit this one didn’t happen exactly as I planned. I didn’t literally go to one show a month, but instead what I ended up doing was heading to Austin this last weekend for the Fun Fun Fun Fest and packing in a year’s worth of live music all in three days.

Typically, a giant music festival is not my style. I don’t like to be crammed up next to people. I especially don’t like to be crammed next to people for 12 hours multiple days in a row while they chain smoke cigarettes and pot) but we were going to make it happen. I saw bands I’ve always wanted to see, bands I didn’t mind seeing, and some bands I hope I never see again. (If you want to know about Austin itself, I’m going to do a separate post on that soon).


1. Johnny Marr (picked by Thor)

2. No Age (picked by me)

3. Lupe Fiasco (picked by both of us)

4. Quicksand (picked by Thor)

5. Cut Copy (picked by me, and I was sorry for it)

6. Snoop Dogg (picked by both of us)

7. Flag (picked by both of us)


8. Unlocking the Truth (picked by both of us)

9. Subhumans (picked by Thor)

10. Body Count (picked by both of us)

11. Descendents (picked by both of us)

Best Shows and Surprises

Both Thor and I agreed that Flag was by far the best show, which was a surprise to me. I feel like I’ve seen Black Flag songs performed, and even though they are one of my favorite bands, the previous performances were lackluster. But with Keith Morris and Dez Cadena there, it felt like suddenly we were back in the early days.

We also agreed that the next best show was Body Count with Ice-T. Seeing him in person made me realize exactly why he is so successful; he has monster charisma in everything he does. I hadn’t heard a Body Count song in years, but they OWNED that stage. *Bonus points for seeing Coco Austin.

Unlocking the Truth was amusing simply because they are only like 13 years old, and they were just fun to watch.

Worst Shows

Ugh! Descendents! I always felt somehow robbed for not seeing them, and now that I finally have I feel robbed in a whole other way. First off, they didn’t play a lot of my favorite songs. Then the sound was off. Then they were just not very entertaining. After seeing Body Count go crazy on the same stage an hour before, the Descendents looked like old dudes who just didn’t have it anymore. Much the same for the Subhumans show. Bor-ing!

Lupe Fiasco. So they spent a good 40 minutes setting up this elaborate light show so he started pretty late, and then it just felt like watching someone lip sync. Most of the music simply came from the DJ in the back. Then he ends the set after 20 minutes? Like for real?

What I Wished I Had Seen

The fest had a curfew so there were some after hours bands at different places around town, but by 10pm all I could think about was the hotel bed. I was interested in seeing The Regents and going to Underground Karaoke (punk karaoke). Also, we hovered around waiting for MIA to start before heading to the Descendents, but she started a good 15 minutes late and the only part I saw was a lengthy light show to introduce her. Afterwards, everyone looked like they’d been hit in the face with a firehouse filled with purple paint; someone told us she threw powder packets into the crowd without warning.

Patton Oswalt also did a set, but it was at the same time as No Age and they were the number one band I wanted to see. Ice-T also did a solo set during the MIA/Descendents time and I’m sure it was killer, but since I saw Body Count, I called it good.

Thor already wants to go back next year. I’m more reticent. I had my Nike Fuel Band on for the whole trip, and on Friday I took 27,000 steps. You heard that right – TWENTY SEVEN THOUSAND. Admittedly, we did run 6 miles that morning, but the whole trip was like that. I was exhausted. I also hate drugs…and there were a lot of them. So I was forced to throw away my Starbucks while going through the front gate, but people can openly do drugs? For real?

At the same time, I did cram a hell of a lot of music all into one place, and I liked having so many choices. Maybe I just need a 30 day cooling off period.

(Forgive my terrible pictures – I’m only 5 feet tall)

No Age


Body Count

Oh yeah – one more thing. If I DO go back, I’m totally bringing my metal detector.Image

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