Keeping My Head Up

Today after work I squeezed in a quick two mile sprint. As I hit an uneven spot full of gravel and leaves, I looked down at the trail to make sure I didn’t fall on my face. It suddenly occurred to me, I don’t look down anymore! Last November, I attempted my first outside run since surgery and I have memories of pure terror. Thor took me to Nike’s new cushioned pavement trail and not only was I completely unable to hold my bladder, I had major panic attacks that I would trip or step wrong and re-injure myself. I had to keep stopping to calm myself down. IT WAS AWFUL (luckily Thor says he has no memory of this tragic event).

As the months progressed and I started to manage myself more appropriately outdoors, I was still OBSESSED with watching the trail in front of me for potential obstacles. Also, I was training my feet to land right (which was really actually really challenging). I remember both my physical therapist and my trainer telling me to keep my head up, but I was like, “OH HELL NO.”  

So today when I realized that I was hauling ass WITH my head up, it felt pretty important. 

But that made me think of my poor friend, Jikaiah, who lives in San Francisco. Last month she was hit by a car while walking and  was only recently released from the hospital. Not only does she have a lengthy physical recovery in front of her, she’s been left with huge medical debt because of some ridiculous legal loophole. I really appreciated how much people helped me when my knee got destroyed (and that was just a sports injury!) so I hope that by sharing this video of her story, I am helping her feel less alone. 

I encourage people to share her story (whether you know me personally or not) because she really is authentically a cool, fun, and caring person. She didn’t deserve this, and we should all remember how lucky we are. Isn’t this what social networking is about?



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