Working towards #3 and #8…

Hurray! It’s one of my three favorite seasons! (I hate Spring, btw). Unlike everyone else in Portland, I am THRILLED that our Indian Summer is over. The first day of school always signifies the end of summer for me, so bring on the colder, crappy weather! And SPEAKING of cold, crappy weather, it’s time to learn to snowshoe and make an intricate gingerbread house.

Last year I had hoped to learn how to snowshoe, but sadly my knee was still not ready for it even eight months after surgery. So I’m going to learn TWENTY months after surgery. My friend, Frances, has booked a room in Sunriver, Oregon at the Sunriver Resort and she will be my seasoned guide.

I know everyone is bitching about summer being over (at least on my Facebook feed they are), but if you’ve been watching as much QVC as I have, you know that Christmas has been right around the corner for two months now. As much as I love sleeping in and getting my bronze on in the summer, there are equally as many reason this time of year rules. 

Not convinced? That’s ok. I like a challenge.


☆ Christmas Cranberry Mojito ☆ :-) 'Tis the season to be jolly!Melted Snowman cookies marshmallow heads — with Arianna Concepcion and Freda Laney White.

sleigh ride

#cat #christmas #beautyTimberline Lodge at night, on Mt. Hood

snow boot chic

Did I just blow your mind? Cause this is all I’ve been thinking about since Labor Day. Prepare yourselves for my uber holiday posts, people. 

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