#4: Learn How to Throw a Ball. Check.

All my life, I’ve been an active person. Whether it be traditional sports like soccer, or less mainstream like skateboarding and snowboarding (well back in the day they were on the fringe; now they are annoyingly popular). I started running in high school and haven’t stopped since. As many of you know, I played soccer until my ill-fated knee blowout while playing soccer. Growing up, I played tennis and learned to ski pretty well. My mom forced me to go hiking every stupid Sunday of my teenage years (which is probably why I don’t much like it now), and I learned to cross country ski. Also, I freaking rock at jump roping.

Notice that pretty much all of these sports require LEGS. Muscular, coordinated, quick footed LEGS. Until recently, I couldn’t do shit with my arms (tennis being a small exception). I have no idea how to shoot a basketball, or swing a bat, throw a football, or throw a baseball…until now.

Lucky for me, I’m married to an ex-jock. All the sports I didn’t play, he did. So back in the spring he agreed to give me some amateur coaching. We went out and bought baseball mitts, and used the baseball he put in my Christmas stocking (I’ll admit, it felt a little “father-son”). On nice days, we would go out to the field next to our place and throw the ball around.

It was difficult to take video because it was only the two of us, and if one person is throwing, the other person is catching. Thor had me practice the actual throwing motion (yes, I was that pathetic), and then graduated me to accuracy and distance. Last weekend we went out and did a “final” practice and I my max distance was about 30 yards (although my accuracy wasn’t great at that distance). But at a somewhat shorter distance, I could throw pretty much right into his glove.

So there it is. Now I feel mostly comfortable throwing a ball in public. No longer will I politely decline when someone asks me to play catch on a summer day, but instead I’ll just ask them to not go farther than 30 yards.

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