Everything’s Coming Up Deacon

I’m really not someone who brags about things, but it’s a bragging kind of week.

Yesterday I officially completed my administrative practicum experience for my Initial Administrative Licensing program, which my log breaks down into about 400 hours of extended work outside my classroom teaching in the last two years. Now I just have to finish my portfolio, take a test, and <BOOM> I’m done.

On top of that, I also had a meeting with a woman who runs our district’s New Teacher Mentorship Program, and she was very interested in what my partner, Angela, and I had to offer. Even though Instructional Coaching seems to have all but disappeared from our school district, she assured us it’s on it’s way back in the next few years.

And it’s not all about me this week. My husband, Thor, was promoted to the position of Director of POS at Nike. (What’s POS? I don’t know. Nike has more acronyms than teaching).

We celebrated last night with a fancy dinner and I bought myself a Kate Spade wallet.

I still have about six months to decide whether I want to submit myself into the administration job pool, but in the meantime things are going our way.

Did I mention I also got to hold a tazer at my Police Academy Class?




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