Join the Citizen’s Police Academy. Check.

Just about a year ago, I stumbled across a link for a Citizen Police Academy in Multnomah County and immediately attempted to apply, but I had just missed the application deadline by two weeks. I was overcome with disappointment, but I bookmarked the page and continued to check it every month, hoping for another shot.

In January when I was making my list of goals, I almost put “Join the Citizen’s Police Academy” but since the only information I had came from the outdated website, I didn’t want to post it and then be double disappointed. But in my head, my intentions were clear. So when the information was suddenly updated last month, I immediately (and I mean IMMEDIATELY) submitted my application. A week later, I was accepted. It was like when someone gets into Harvard. As I was reading the class schedule aloud to Thor, he said, “Look at yourself. You’re way too excited about this.” TOO EXCITED? NOT POSSIBLE!

Then my three besties and colleagues, Courtney, David, and Angela, got jealous and decided to also apply, and were subsequently accepted. Each week, we meet for dinner and then head to the Wood Village City Hall.

Last night was our second class, and although the Gang Enforcement officer reinforced my idea that cops are arrogant pricks, I’m still very excited by all the things I will get to do. CHECK THIS OUT:


Last night we got to sign up for our jail tours and ride alongs. While there were many options, I made sure to snag a Saturday night from 10pm – 2:30am for my ride along. In a couple weeks, we will also hop on board for the river patrol ride along (searching for…drunk boaters? floating bodies? polluting garbage barges?).

I’ve never been excited to head to a class about my job. Oooooh theory of education? BORING! But now finally, on the eve of my 33rd birthday, I have found a topic and a venue that addresses my interests. Even better, I’ve found an FBI Citizen Academy that has a spring session.

This has led to a lot of people asking if I want to be a police officer, to which I immediately say no. While much about law enforcement interests me, I know that I want to a career in something proactive versus reactive. That being said, it is very common for me to listen to the police scanner when I’m bored (yes, there’s an app for that) and peep at my neighbors (waiting for possible criminal mischief…). I can’t put the pieces together yet, but they feel like they are getting closer together.

So even though “Join the Citizen’s Police Academy” isn’t on my official list, I totally feel like I just crossed something major off.

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