Two Words a Week, Sopranos Style

I know I haven’t posted much lately about my progress on learning two new words a week, but I assure you I have definitely been at it.

On a side not, every summer, I like to rewatch one of my favorite tv series from beginning to end. Last summer I rewatched LOST (OMG, still mind blowing!) and this summer I’m just about finished with The Sopranos. I think the show might be even better now that I’ve let almost seven years pass since watching it. That being said, I’ve found myself learning some important vocabulary.

Allocution: a formal statement made to the court by the defendant who has been found guilty, prior to being sentenced. (When Johnny Sac took the plea deal, an allocution was required and all the guys were like, “Ooooooh!” and “God forbid!”).

Pishadoo: southern Italian slang for toilet. (When Gigi died on the toilet, Paulie remarked how terrible it was to die on the pishadoo).

Embracery: improper influence on a juror. (When Junior Soprano was on trial, he had one of the juror’s intimidated by his goons and a mistrial was declared).

Stugots: testicles, balls, or in reference to someone being an asshole. (Tony’s boat is named Stugots, and when they ride on the boat they all wear jackets with Stugots embroidered on them).

I highly recommend rewatching The Sopranos from start to finish if you can carve away that kind of time. Not only is it highly entertaining, I’ve just proven how educational it can be. 

“The first place I’m hittin’ is Denny’s!”


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