The Marshmallow Results are In

Last night, my friends, Kerrie & Courtney, joined me at the Oregon State Fair. It’s one of my favorite events of the entire year. When I go to the fair, I DO EVERYTHING.

Normally, we do the old people thing and go on a weekday when the fair opens to avoid traffic and crowds, but we decided we would go all out and see the Saturday night action. It was WAY busier, but frankly there weren’t near as many teenagers as we expected. It was still a lot of old people. The ones who like to party.

We started by eating…because, well, that’s what you do at the fair.


We also checked out every exhibit, including my marshmallows. I got 4th place (out of what looked like five entries) and am totally satisfied based on the fact that’s only the 3rd time I’ve ever made marshmallows. After seeing the first place winners, I realized my marshmallows were FAR too small and not nearly as beautiful. (Sadly, the dollhouse category was eliminated this year, which I’m certain is my fault).

Drinking beer & looking at quilts is my jam.

We played Keno, where Courtney won $2 and a pen, I had an egg cream from a guy who does old timey sodas, and then we watched a kid get his ears pierced. The dudes at the Cribbage Association attempted to strong arm Kerrie into an impromptu game, and we shared a bag of carmel corn. Normally, I’m not a ride person but we took the plunge and road the Sea Dragon.

 We finished the night off waiting in a 10 mile long line for an elephant ear.


Next year, I’m going to insist we get one of those old western photos, and pretend that we are in the market for a hot tub so we can put our feet in.

Never travel alone in the fair parking lot.

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