#7: Submit an edible item to the state fair. Check.

After a long day of marshmallowing yesterday, I got up this morning and headed down to the Salem fairgrounds with my friend, Courtney, to drop off my Mexican Mocha marshmallows (that’s what got the most votes from my friends). I have to admit that at the last minute, I almost swapped them for the coconut simply because those ones were the best looking (foods are judged by 1/3 appearance, 1/3 taste, 1/3 texture) but then I was like, “I don’t even care if I win. I just want to submit the stupid things.”



In case you’ve never submitted anything to the state fair (most likely 99.9% of you), it’s pretty easy. They really take anyone. And anything. There are categories for EVERYTHING: cakes, cookies, breads, pickles, candies, legos, quilts, photography, calligraphy, handmade pine cone baskets. You name it. This is especially fun for an amateur like me who like to cook and craft and be mildly competitive with other old ladies around the state. I highly recommend it.

This goal was FAR easier than last year’s dollhouse shenanigans. Maybe next year I will shoot for a few categories. Mostly, it’s just really fun to go to the fair (which we will do next week) and see your stuff amongst all the other exhibits. Some day, I dream of judging other amateurs marshmallows and dollhouses.

Then after all the driving down to Salem and back, I sat on the floor of my living room, watched several episodes of The Sopranos, and made crafty awards for my students (school does start in 2 weeks, believe it or not). Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.


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