I have previously bemoaned my failure in not seeing a live show every month (#18) for a variety of reasons. At first, I thought I was too busy (which I really do think I was) but now that summer is coming to a close, I can safely say I’ve had ample time to go see some live music events and I’m just too lazy. 

BUT! There is hope. I’ve decided I’m going to pack in a year’s worth of shows all in one weekend. Thor bought us tickets for FUN FUN FUN FEST in November, which is kind of like a double dip because it’s also in Austin, Texas – a major city I’ve never been to. (I’ve had a few people question my trip to Omaha as a “major” city). 

The lineup is pretty deep. Mostly, I just want to see The Descendents, but I’m down for a lot of other stuff, too.




I also look forward to heckling Tenacious D, and their stupid fans. That should be fun (no pun intended).

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