My 3 Best Stair Workouts

Last year at this time, I was SO frustrated that I still wasn’t able to start running, even though my surgery was four full months in the can. I still hit the gym and did as much as I could, but my biggest savior (mostly mental) was implementing a weekly Mt. Tabor Stairs group. Every Tuesday, a small group of us would meet and go up and down the 282 stairs for a couple hours. On Thanksgiving, I organized a very small fundraiser on those same stairs & we raised a few hundred dollars to buy holiday supplies for our neediest families at school.

I’ve tried a few other sets of stairs in Portland (as we have many), but the Tabor Stairs are, in my opinion, the best to train on. This summer, I’ve hit the stairs at least once a weekly for a much more grueling workout. I don’t have a regular group anymore because I don’t have a regular time, but I’m happy to report my knee is holding up just fine. And frankly not many people would want to subject themselves to my stairs workouts.

Luckily, my friend David has let me make him my guinea pig and we’ve done some killer workouts. He says he hates me while we are on the stairs, but he always comes back for more. I figured our semi-weekly workouts deserve a blog post so that you, too, can bring on the pain, and I would welcome anyone who wanted to join us. 

Keep in mind, Mt Tabor is 282 stairs (or about 10 flights) with 171 feet elevation gain.

Workout #1

warm up (easy walk to top and down)

double dips (run up three flights, back down one, repeat till we reach the top) – x2

lunge every other step, push ups at the top – x2 

stair hops (hop up every stair to the top) – x2

finish with a race to the top 

Workout #2

warm up (easy walk to top and down)

run/push (alternate run a flight, 4 push ups, till the top) – x2

intervals (alternate 1 flight jog, 1 flight), 15 burpees at the top – x2

hopscotch (alternate 1 & 2 legged hops each stair) – x2

Workout #3

warm up (easy walk to top and down)

sprints (sprint 5 flights, rest, repeat to top) – x2

down the mountain (start at top, run down, 20 mountain climbers at each landing) – x2

bounds (jumps that skip a stair), 20 push ups at the top – x2

cool down (slow & easy to the top) – x1

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