Top Five Dream Jobs

I’m getting very close to wrapping up my Administrative License program at Concordia University, and people are starting to really ask the questions, “So you want to be a principal? Are you going to apply for a position next year?” And I just don’t know how to answer them. 

On one hand, I’m and LOVING my summers off. At the same time, I wonder if maybe the reason I’m enjoying it so much is because I have some sort of PTSD from my last boss. He haunts me in every way. Thus I think I need a good nine-month school year to digest my new job away from him (and his little minion) and to remember that not all workplaces are completely toxic and sexist.

A friend and colleague mentioned the other day that when I was an Instructional Coach, I really seemed like I was in my element. She reminded me I used to stay late and come in during the summers because I loved my job. I need to get back to that place, and hopefully my new school will offer some opportunities to feel that way again.

That doesn’t mean that everyday of my life I don’t wonder what my REAL career should be (as in my ultimate dream job). So here it is for today, my Top 5 Dream Jobs. Keep in mind, I completely disregard any possible education or experience or capital or sense of reality that might be required.

Top Five Dream Jobs

1. Cameraman for the show Cops

2. Owner of an Arcade & Karaoke Venue

3. Owner of a Cat & Kitten Rescue

4. Host my own reality show Classroom Nightmares (see this previous post for explanation)

5. Set up the window displays at Anthropologie


And if you, too, are in search of that dream job – I took a few quizzes just for fun. Does anyone remember a couple weeks ago when I was aghast that a career quiz came up with some pretty technical jobs, like engineer? Well maybe there was something to that because here’s what came in for my dream job results. Granted, I do think I’m a pretty badass manager.


Take the quizzes yourself and tell me what your dream job is.

Dream it Do it 

MSN Career Builder

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