My New Reality Show

I’ll start off that this blog post doesn’t completely apply to my annual list of things to do, but in an indirect way it sort of does. Back in January, I really thought that once I finished this ridiculous admin program I would also attain a sense of direction. I expected to say to myself, “Yes! I am ready to be a school administrator!” But in fact, the opposite has happened. 

I know I have great leadership qualities. I’m a good listener, problem solver, time manager, people manager, etc etc. But the thing is that being a principal just doesn’t call to me. But then again, NOTHING CALLS TO ME. Here I am, about to turn 33 years old, with two master’s degrees and now an admin credential almost under my belt, AND I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF. AHHHHHH!!!!!

So this morning, while enjoying my coffee and KLG & Hoda, I spent some time taking career tests online. They pretty much all lump me in the same category: “THINKER.” Which, like, yeah, makes sense. I think a lot. However, let me clarify that nothing sounds more torturous than sitting in meetings or lectures all day. The one thing I DO know is that I need a job with movement and change. 

One of the results came up with this list:


Sooooooo pretty much I should apply for EVERY job in the world. Helpful.

A transportation engineer? REALLY?! I would be a TERRIBLE transportation engineer! Not only am I completely not qualified, but I am completely not interested, and anyone who knows me knows that I never read instructions. NEVER. Or a budget analyst?! I hate looking at spreadsheets of data! I want someone else to do that work and give me the gist so I can make the big decisions. UGH!

Now a talent director. I could get behind that. Sitting behind a desk, having people audition and then I get to give (sometimes very honest) feedback? Maybe that’s why I like teaching. All the time kids try to turn in the crappiest of crap work, and I like to call them over to my desk and say, “What is this…?” and they get all uncomfortable and I cut them off, “This is not acceptable. Do it over, and do it better.”

Actually, I know what my dream job is. You know that show Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay? I want to star in a reality show called Classroom Nightmares. The show would target teachers who are ABSOLUTE disasters. I would come in, silently observe, and then get to yell, “YOU CALL THIS SHIT A LEARNING TARGET?!” and, “YOU’VE ONLY GOT THREE STUDENTS ACTIVELY ENGAGED! WTF?!” and, “LOOK AT YOUR DESK! THREE FEET OF PAPERWORK AND EMPTY DIET COKE CANS?! YOU’RE DISGUSTING!” Then after I broke them down and they cried a little bit, I would bring out my supportive “let’s make this work” side. I would intensely coach this disaster of a teacher, and a week later everyone would be cheering for their complete turnaround. 

But I digress. 

I’ve spent way too much money on my education and I still don’t know what to do with my life. If you’re reading this – do you feel satisfied with your career? Is it fulfilling? Do you also take career tests like l do? 


2 thoughts on “My New Reality Show

  1. I didn’t take a career test, but I remember that moment driving home from the Junior High thinking….This is it? This is going to be the rest of my life? I started applying for jobs in Germany, what could I lose? Nothing, I had everything to gain. Cut yourself some slack. You have a new job, new environment, new colleagues. See where that takes you. It sounds though like you would be an excellent consultant to schools. Do a few PD’s in Portland…show off your expertise.

    • Thanks Kathleen. I’ve felt like I’m in a spiral of self-criticism lately. I love doing PD, but our district has completely cut any money or positions for PD. Last year my colleague and I tried to do some on the side, but that in itself was a full-time job. I’m trying to find that balance 🙂

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