Run a mile in less than 6:30 minutes. Check!

Last year, one (and probably the biggest) of my goals was to be able to run 6 miles post knee surgery. It took way longer to get back to running than I had expected, but I kept plugging away at my very slow two and three mile runs. Then one day I woke up and was like, “I think today is the day I’ll run 6 miles,” and even though it was tough, there was this weird thing at the back of my brain that insisted the time was now.

My dad used to be a smoker and I remember him once telling me that every time he “quit” smoking he knew somewhere in the back of his head that it wouldn’t stick; but when he finally quit he just knew in his head that the time had come. I would say that’s often how I feel when it comes to hitting a big goal for me…like either the feeling is there, or it isn’t. 

This morning, I had a cup of coffee, watched an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, and threw on my running pants. The second I put in my headphones, I was like, “Whoa – today is the day. I know it.” I ran my two miles down to the high school track, employed some physical therapy stretching, and then just repeated (out loud), “I can do this. I can do this. Six minutes. I can do this,” while standing at the starting line.

And then I waited for a good song to pop up on my Pandora, and I ran. I envisioned several things during that six and a half minutes: my trainer behind me reminding me of posture, my feet on fire, a serial killer with a machete…and so on. The last quarter mile was tough (not gonna lie) but I just kept thinking today’s the day

Ironically, I really didn’t know if I had made my goal or not until I got home. I knew it would be close, but I still had to run a mile and half home before “ending” my run on my Nike+ app (OMG I was tired!) and at that point I felt like I’d given my best effort, so why sweat it?

Upon returning home, here were my results:


BOOM! I nailed my goal with seven whole seconds to spare (note how much slower my cool down mile was – haha!). I mentally high-fived my 16 year old self. 

I celebrated my good morning by going to the beach with my two friends, Frances & Courtney, and eating a seriously greasy piece of grocery store fried chicken in the sand. I’m going live until I die.



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