The Uncle Rico Complex

This morning I went out for a run and I did a couple things different than usual. The first was that I made a stopover at the nearby high school track in the middle of my run. Two summers ago, you would have found me there at least a couple times a week (but last summer my knee still wasn’t healed from surgery) so I figured I would drop by and sprint out a mile on the track. Running on a track is always a little more fun for me because it’s super measurable, the terrain is forgiving, and you can pretend your racing someone.

Basically, I did a two mile run TO the track, sprinted a mile, and then did a lethargic mile and a half run back home.

The other thing I did differently is change up my playlist. Most of the time, I like consistency in my runs. Same routes, same music. It gives me something to judge myself by. But sometimes you need to mix it up, too. Here are my results:


Last week I also ran at 6:55/mile. It’s only 25 seconds away from my goal of 6:30/mile, but for those that run regularly, you know 25 seconds isn’t exactly as easy as it sounds. 

Today I wondered if I might have an Uncle Rico complex. Remember Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite? Where he was stuck living in ’82, thinking about what a great football player he was?

Today I thought to myself, “Back in ’96, I could run a mile in 6 minutes – in army boots,” and I chuckled to myself that I sounded like Uncle Rico. A few minutes later, it also occurred to me that I forgot to take off my gold chain necklace, and I was like, “OH MY GAAAAWD! I am Uncle Rico!”

I know I technically have like 5 more months to make this goal happen, but I wanted to knock it out in the summer while the weather is nice. So this week, I’ll keep plugging away, probably at the track. With my gold chain on.

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