My Fastest 1k & 5k

All the time, people ask me why I don’t sign up to run races. Not to say I haven’t done them before, but races are just not my bag. As I’ve explained before, I’m my biggest critic so races seriously stress me out. Like, I generally know my limitations and my average ability when it comes to running, but races are WAY different than running alone whenever I feel like it. The first thing that stresses me out is that people are totally crowded (and in Portland, often drinking) at the starting line, which leads to me stressing out about my race time, which leads me to frantically weaving around slower people, which leads me to freak out that I’m too slow for someone else, leading me to hate everyone and everything around me.

Yeah, I don’t like races. 

The other problem is that lately I can’t seem to judge what my performance will be like on any given day. For instance, the other day I had a really healthy breakfast, a cup of coffee, a good night’s sleep, and had a terrible run.

Other days, I might work 10 hours on my feet, not have slept or eaten right, and have a fabulous run. 

Today, I sat ALL DAY (for good reason). I’m at Kansas University in Lawrence, Kansas for a conference and while the information was really worthwhile, I expected my workout to suck simply because I felt stiff (and slept like crap). Then I went for a run, and here’s the outcome:


It was my fastest 1k (4:10) AND my fastest 5k (21:21) since I blew out my knee almost two years ago. If I had planned on running just a mile or two, I’m certain I could have run faster and hit my 6:30 pace goal. Frankly, I think sitting all day having to be a good listener (but secretly thinking of running all day) was my key to success).

I might give myself a break tomorrow, but I think I’ll shoot for nailing my goal on Friday. Or maybe I won’t. Either way, I feel pretty good.

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