About learning those two new words a week…

While I am eager to cross “Learn Two New Words a Week” off my list, I really can’t do it till December 31st. However, I am happy to report that I have learned MORE than two new words a week and my quiz below shows my progress. (I use the app Vocabology on my iPhone).

The only problem is that sometimes I want to incorporate my new words into conversation with others, and I end up sounding like a total tool. 

Me: “We should go lollygag on that sward.”

Friend: “Say what?”

Me: “Over there, that shady sward looks perfectly zephyrean on a hot summer day.”

Friend: “Riiiiight…”

Me: “But maybe more to the right…let’s steer clear of the fustilarians.”

Friend: “Shut up.”



Lollygag: To spend time aimlessly.

Sward: An expanse of short grass.

Zephyrean: Full of, or containing, light breezes

Fustilarian: A fat and slovenly person.

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