Live Shows I Wish I Could See

Ok I admit it: I’m no longer busy. In fact, I’m so un-busy that you should be jealous. This morning, for instance, I woke up at 5:15am (naturally) and watched two episodes of the Sopranos while drinking coffee on the couch. Then I went for a leisurely run and came back and watched some KLG & Hoda. Later this afternoon, I have a massage so I’ll probably kill some time by taking a nap, or possibly watching more Sopranos.

Thus I should have some free time for #18: Go to One Live Music Show a Month, right? Well I’ve been scanning the music listings, and there just isn’t anything that I’m very excited about! Seems to me this goal must not be very important, or I’m WAY too picky.

So instead, I’ve been thinking about what I WOULD pull myself off the couch and buy a ticket for. Hopefully one of these will come up sometime soon…

Top 10 Shows I Would Like to Attend

1. Wavves. Yes, please, come to Portland.

2. Best Coast. (btw this is the best video ever, too)

3. Bikini Kill. OK ok, they haven’t been a band for like 20 years, but I feel like I can’t die until I see them live.

4. Ryan Lewis & Macklemore. These dudes are actually coming in a few months; I just need to rally some friends to go.

5. Neil Young. Admittedly, he comes to town now and then but it’s always at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, which is where old white people drink Pinot Noir and it’s like $100. Maybe next time I’ll just bite the bullet.

6. Surfer Blood. Um, I don’t know. Sure.

7. Peaches. Now that I think of it, I haven’t bought a new album in years, but I bet she throws a bitchin’ show. And her songs are NEVER on the karaoke list, which breaks my heart.

8. Aloe Blacc. What? You think I only listen to white people sing? Geez!

9. Dead Milkmen. Back on the weekend of my 31st birthday, they were having a reunion show (of sorts, since not all members are currently living…) in Philadelphia and we ALMOST bought plane tickets. Then my frugal and sensible side took over, and I decided not to. You know what happened that weekend instead? I blew out my fucking knee.

10. Lady Gaga. I know, I know. I saw her already. But I can’t wait to do it again.

One thought on “Live Shows I Wish I Could See

  1. For the record, I was a younger white girl when I saw Neil at the Schnitz and I drank vodka tonics. It was one of the most memorable concerts I’ve seen:) the audience clapped off beat and he actually walked out in the middle of a song. After quite a bit of audience begging, he came back. I love his moodiness.

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