10 Things I Will Do This Summer That Aren’t On My List

Just about a year ago, I wrote a post about the 10 other things I would do in the summer that didn’t pertain to my 2012 list. Why have different lists? Well, my blog list contains things that I NEED to publicize to keep me accountable, and to solicit the expertise from people I know. But being a teacher means I am lucky enough to get TWO WHOLE MONTHS OF VACATION (omg omg omg).

Most teachers I know spend the summer traveling or doing big house projects. For me, I prefer to spend mine like a first world yuppie. During the school year, I literally spend more time at school that I do at home (I’ve done the math – don’t challenge that). My school and classroom are FILTHY and DILAPIDATED. Every single day I would come in and have to clean up mice droppings, clear ants off the counter, etc. Ceiling tiles are missing. The desks are uneven from missing feet. The sink stops up daily & the water is questionable. (See why schools need more money?!). So when summer rolls around, I not only need some time to myself, I also need to spend time in a CLEAN and INHABITABLE place. 

While my fall, winter, and spring look like scenes from Dangerous Minds, my summer looks like a Target commercial. During the school year, the things I hope to do in the summer are constantly rolling around in my head. Today starts my very first week of summer and I’m going to live until I die.

10 Things I Will Do This Summer That Aren’t On My List

1. Reorganize all of the kitchen cupboards. (Adventurous, I know).

2. Steam clean the carpets. (Even more adventurous).

3. Catch up on Mad Men.

4. Paint my new classroom.

5. Go on a brunch train ride with my friends on the Mount Hood Railroad.

6. Sing karaoke weekly.

7. Sneak into the neighboring apartment complex’s brand new pool.

8. Build Thor a fabulous closet that will finally house his 916 pairs of Nikes.

9. Spend a really hot summer day in the Bingo Hall.

10. Get more tan than my friend, David. (It’s on!)

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