Baking that cake…


Every year, instead of having a “last day” party, I throw a “Summer Birthday” party a couple days beforehand. This honors those kids who never get to have a birthday party at school, and it gives us two whole days to clean and pack up and turn in last minute homework. Last year, the Summer Birthday Party was a total blow out. The kids decided on a Hawaiian theme and they brought more food than you can imagine. One kid was famous for his clam dip, and I’m half tempted to pay him to make it again.

I also had one sub day left on my contract, so I called in my good friend, Amanda, who was my go-to sub to help me out since the last couple days are always insane. The most memorable (and probably most terrible) moment was when I left the classroom to run an errand, and when I came back Amanda was standing at the back of the room half-chuckling to herself. At the front of the room, two boys (who fancied themselves great dancers) were dancing to the radio for the class. It was a little Magic Mike-esque and I said to Amanda, “What’s going on here?” and she replied, “They just started doing their thing and I didn’t have the heart to stop them.” The song changed and “Let’s Get it On” by Marvin Gaye came on. Suddenly the dancing was simply over the top. One kid was flipping his snapback around like he really WAS Channing Tatum (granted Magic Mike had yet to hit the theaters)…but they were so innocent that they really had no clue that their dancing looked less like Justin Bieber and more like Hunks of America. Ironically, I had this giant stash of fake dollar bills sitting on the counter that I was giving away as prizes all day and I couldn’t help myself; I grabbed the money and started flipping it at them. The kids went nuts. Then I promptly turned off the music and told them to go back to their seats. Amanda and I had a great laugh over that one. 

This year, we’ll have dancing, but in a more puritanical kind of way. Anyway, my plan is to bake my four layered cake for the birthday party – complete with candles & crazy colors. You can’t have a birthday party without cake. It’s, like, scientifically impossible to have a birthday party without cake. But I may just have to go grab another stack of fake bills just for the fun of it…

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