Top 10 Way I’m Going to Keep Busy Over the Next Seven Days

This afternoon, I completed my second job interview of the week and I am so glad I don’t have anything else immediately lined up! Interviews are stressful. Basically, I’m currently teaching 6th grade and I interviewed for 6th grade teaching positions at two other schools in the district. It feels really weird to interview for a job I already have, in a sense, and have to actually PROVE that I kick ass…like doesn’t everyone in the world know?!

In the first interview, they didn’t ask ANY of the questions I was expecting, and in the second interview their faces were made of stone, even though I felt like I nailed every question. I don’t have a specific feeling about either of the jobs, but I certainly feel good that I got my name out there and exercised my interviewing muscle.

My philosophy in this whole process has been GET THE WORD OUT! Ten years ago this process would have frustrated the hell out of me. I would have said, “Why can’t people simply recognize what a great employee I am by the work that I do?” but sadly I became jaded after college when I was forced to brown-nose and butt-kiss like it was going out of style to get a teaching job. But it worked; I got hired. Over the years, I’ve realized that networking is simply THE ANSWER to getting a job.

So now I am in the process of waiting…and waiting…and waiting. Our district has a laborious and time consuming process to clear recommended candidates for a position so I’ve been told it will be at least a week before I hear anything – and that a NO comes before a YES, but many don’t tell you NO even if you are a NO so you’re stuck sitting around wondering if you’re a YES.

I’ve learned that the best thing to do when you’re waiting for an answer is to keep yourself busy. 

Top 10 Ways I’m Going to Keep Busy Over the Next Seven Days

1. Happy Hour Karaoke – That’s right. I booked a private room at Voicebox just for me and a very small group of friends. We’ll be in bed before the sun goes down.

2. Have Breakfast at the Airport – I have to pick up Thor on Saturday morning, so I’m going to get there early and eat breakfast by myself.

3. Pick Up Thor at the Airport – Uh, duh. But since he’s getting back from his first trip to China, I’m sure he will have many distracting things to tell me about, such as eating fried silk worms or haggling for the designer purses he bought me.

4. Spend a couple hours at the gym – After working out with my trainer, I think I’ll stay another hour or so, for the fun of it. I like secretly judging the Zumba chicks while I’m on the spin bike.

5. Run the Starlight Parade – I’m a running buddy for an awesome 5th grade girl who is a part of a program called Girls on the Run (really you should check it out), and we are running a 5k at the Starlight Parade together on Saturday night. 

6. Convince the other running buddies to get a beer after the race – Well, even if most people want to go home, I’m pretty sure I can rely on my friend, Courtney, who is also a running buddy. She’s always up for a beer.

7. Go out for a leisurely Sunday breakfast – Thor doesn’t know it yet, but we are going to Shari’s for pancakes. It has been declared.

8. Start packing my classroom – Regardless of whether I get a job, our principal has decided to swap a majority of the classrooms next year so I’m packing my stuff either way. And it’s a big job. I’ve switched rooms three times in my career and it SUCKS. Last time, it took me about two days to pack and move everything (because no one helps you, and you don’t get paid for the extra work). 

9. Get a massage – Turn on the whale music, cause here I come.

10. Read a book – Sometimes in a marriage, it’s hard to admit the other person is right. Thor and I both read a lot, but we rarely read each other’s recommendations. We are stubborn like that. But he kept telling me to read this book, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, and I’m totally hooked just 50 pages in. Thus I’m publicly announcing Thor was right! (at least this time)

Anyway, this way the week will FLY by and when that call finally comes, I’ll say, “Wow – already?!”

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