It seems so apt that right now I’m

It seems so apt that right now I’m in the middle of teaching a Careers unit in my classroom. It’s my favorite unit all year, and I find it extremely easy to integrate into Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies. The culminating event at the end of the unit is a big Career Day, where guest speakers come in all day, but each student also goes to a mock job interview somewhere else in the building. They all make professional resumes and dress up. It’s pretty legit.

And here I am with a job interview tomorrow. 

Last week, I did tell my students that I was looking for another position somewhere else, and initially they were pissed. Once I explained the reasoning that for me to have more of an impact on kids in the future I would have to explore other schools, they calmed down. (They delight in the idea of my being a principal someday). I showed them the evolution of my resume and who I give it to, however, I didn’t tell them that I got called for an interview. Ironically, we are practicing interviewing skills this week so I MUST GET THIS JOB, if for nothing else than to prove to them that a great resume and interview skills really do work!

On top of that, I got my nails done (in a very non-Lindsay matte nude color), bought a new dress, and prepared my portfolio. Hopefully I will know the outcome by the end of the week.


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