New 2013 Goal: FIND A NEW JOB

This week, I spiffed up my resume, gathered my letters of recommendation, and applied to several different jobs. I’ve decided it’s officially time for me to find a more positive work environment. And if there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s people who bitch about stuff but don’t take action. Ain’t got time for that!

In the meantime, my emotional and physical state is crumbling a bit and my goals are kind of on the back burner. I need to release my stress in positive ways. But I’m adding one new (and somewhat unanticipated) goal to my 2013 list: FIND A NEW JOB.

I’ve devoted six years of my life to a school that is extremely high poverty, and worked under three different principals. The first two made me a better teacher and inspired me to go into administration myself, and now I’ve got a leader who makes me feel like education is a dead end job. You wanna know why teachers burn out? Dudes like him.

But before I officially hang up my hat and get a Starbucks application, I am actively seeking a new spot in a school that needs a creative, efficient, introspective, and dynamic educator such as myself. A couple years back I read a book called Who Gets Promoted, Who Doesn’t, and Why. It suggested that when you publicly announce your career intentions to everyone you know, you stay fresh in everyone’s mind and can network in ways a private career search cannot. SO HERE IT IS WORLD: You need an amazing teacher? Right here! You need an experienced Instructional Coach? Right here! Hire meeeeeeeee!




Thanks to Heidi Samuelson for the photographs.

2 thoughts on “New 2013 Goal: FIND A NEW JOB

    • Well I got the stability chairs (I don’t call them “balls” because when you say balls in front of 12 year olds it doesn’t end well) because I read how it keeps kids more engaged, etc. I’m not exactly sold on that, though. The kids who were have trouble fidgeting and staying engaged were certainly using the chairs to wiggle, but the sound of rubber on bare floors x30 was a brand new distraction. Also, they also started deflating after about 5 months even though we kept pumping them back up. It’s kind of become a nightmare and sadly I wouldn’t do it again 😦

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