Let’s just put it out there: I don’t get along with my boss. Everyone basically knows it, so let’s not play games about it. That being said, I still think I’m pretty fabulous at my job and I make every attempt to not let his droopy, down-trodden behavior get me down. This morning I had a meeting with my former Principal, who is also currently my mentor, who gave me a bit of a pep talk about my future in administration. It helped a lot, but I’m at a bit of a standstill as I search for a position for the next school year that fits my goals.

If there’s one thing all that knee surgery business taught me last year, it’s that I have the power to either make my life crappy or make my life awesome. I choose the latter. But I need inspiration to make the tough choices. Here are the top four quotes that define my life, and I probably garner some sort of determination from them on a weekly (or even daily) basis.



John Locke – “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”

No, really, don’t tell me what I can’t do. You can tell me things are going to be hard or confusing or even ridiculous – but once you tell me I CAN’T do something, I just want to do it out of spite. I am my own worst critic and I don’t need someone barfing their opinions about my abilities on me.

Winston Churchill – “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

Thor hates this quote, but he also doesn’t work in a super high-poverty school where the kids call you foul names and moldy ceiling tiles fall down during passing times. This is actually my email quote. When I’ve just spent my entire morning trying to teach my students the value of being a good person and then one of them steals my lunch out of my fridge (yes, that happened last week) and my boss sends me a passive aggressive email about standardized test scores (yes, that also happened) and I want to just put my head down and look for a job in the rich part of town, I recite this quote in my head. It works.


Lady Gaga – “If you’re a strong female, you don’t need permission.”

I’ve had some sexist bosses in my life, and this has become my daily mantra lately. You can lean back, put your arms behind your head and stare me down in a meeting, but I’m gonna stare right back. You can rely on your inherent power as a man, but I can waste your ass in a push up competition.



Martha Stewart – “You should never accept what can be offered to you if you think it can be improved.”

I like to haggle (most people know this about me, too). If you’re buying a house or a car, bring me! But in addition to haggling about the price of an object, I also believe in haggling (or you can say negotiating if you prefer the euphemism) for what you deserve in life. While I may be extremely flexible, I also don’t settle.



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