Almost 6:30 a mile!

This morning I dragged myself out of bed at 5:30 to squeeze in a run before work. Thor, who is a seriously annoying morning person, accused me of being simultaneously grumpy and delirious because I was in a groaning stupor while pulling on my running shoes. 

In years past, my carpool buddy and I were able to leave around 7:45am and still make it to work by 8:25, which made going to the gym or working out before school doable. But this year traffic has taken a serious turn for the worse and we’ve had to fully shift our morning commute to no later than 7:15, making it really difficult to get to the gym, get back home to shower, eat breakfast and get out the door. Did I mention we rarely get home before 6:00pm? (Yeah, teachers work WELL beyond the hours they are paid).

So when I stepped out the door for my run this morning I knew I needed to move quickly to get my measly three miles in. This must have hit my psyche because I ran my fast 5k (by several minutes) and my pace for my run was 6:47/mile without even trying. BOOM! So I threw in an extra half mile for good measure. 


I’m pretty sure my new Nike Volt compression socks also had something to do with that.


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