It’s somewhat unbelievable, but the sun has continued to

It’s somewhat unbelievable, but the sun has continued to shine all week (this is generally unheard of in Portland this time of year; we might get a couple good days, but never a consecutive week!) and Thor has been on my jock to learn how to throw a ball.

Today I bought a mitt, and he had some fancy professional mitt delivered from Nike this week (because he’s expecting professional excellence from my pitches). Tomorrow is supposed to be a moderately nice Sunday afternoon, so between another pants ripping skate session and cleaning the bathrooms we will be playing some catch in the field next door. At this point, the neighbors probably think we are either the MOST AWESOME COUPLE EVER, or we are simultaneously having a mid-life crisis.

One of my neighbors happens to also be my friend and co-worker, Angela, who is also married. They do really adult things, like have dinner parties and go to the symphony and have Sunday dinner with their families. Just a few condos over, here we are watching Jersey Shore reruns and riding our skateboards in the “No Skateboarding” zone. What rebels we are.

Anyway, tomorrow we’ll start my “Learn how to throw a ball” training. Being a teacher, I’ll need some kind of baseline and measurement tool to assess my progress – I’m thinking video might be necessary, but also terribly embarrassing. 


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