Pant Rippers

Well, the sun is finally shining here in Portland (for at least a few days) so yesterday we decided to get our skateboards out and take them for a ride.

But let’s take a couple steps back: Growing up, skating pretty much defined me. It sucked being the only girl I knew who skated, which meant either riding alone or hanging out with gnarly dudes. Sure, I had girl friends who would occasionally cruise with me, but they were always there to get the attention of dudes and I was really much more interested in the actual “sport” of skateboarding. On top of that, half the guys harassed me and called me a poser, or they just wanted to date me. The woes of being a girl skater.

I would pore over my issues of Thrasher in my bedroom, and constantly be scanning skate catalogues wishing I had money to purchase a new set up. Being a teenage girl, I wasn’t near as show-off as I am today and preferred to skate alone or master a trick in my driveway before taking it in public. But from the age of 13 to 24, I always had my board handy and considered it my primary mode of transportation.

Then I graduated college. Then I got married (to a guy who also skated in his former life, of course). Then I started my teaching career. Then my board got left at some dude’s house who had a ramp and I never got it back. Thor and I both lamented constantly that we wanted to get back into skateboarding. Then I blew out my knee…which REALLY sealed the deal.

So with #11: Incorporate skateboarding into my regular workouts, you won’t be seeing me grind park benches or dropping into Burnside. I have some muddy vision in my head of integrating my deck into my functional and running workouts. It sounds weird, but I have some ideas.

First step: get back on the fucking board!

Thus yesterday and today, we “shredded” our suburban whitebread condominium complex. It doesn’t get more punk rock than that. Tonight our conversation went like this:

Thor: “You think our neighborhood can handle sick rippers like us?”

Me: “Dude, we’re too old. I don’t think we can be considered rippers right now.”

Thor: “Yeah we can. Pant rippers.”

My ollie is pitiful, and my manual lasts about two seconds. Ouch. But we are having a good time and so far an hour of back-to-the-basics skating is WAYYYYYYYYYY more fun than an hour of running. And we are freaking out the old people and their little dogs. Bonus.Image

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