Coming to my arm soon – a midwestern tattoo

Every summer, I head to Lawrence, Kansas to for work and it’s quite delightful. It’s a really pretty town that is very clean, has AMAZING restaurants, and everyone is so damned friendly (though I will take issue with their lack of karaoke). So my plane ticket and hotel reservations for this July are already made, but this year the trip will be a little extended. My friend, Kelly (a Kansas virgin), is meeting me on the last day of the conference and we are going to take on the midwest via a mini-roadtrip.¬†

When I tell people we are going to drive around Kansas and Missouri and Iowa, I get looks that vary from disgust to confusion. I’m first to admit that driving around Kansas is definitely NOT lying around the beach in Hawaii, but it has it’s merits. Last year, I wrote a post about randomly exploring Kansas City with a new Canadian friend I met in a workshop, which has now inspired me for this year’s trip.

We don’t know exactly what we are going to do, but Kelly lives in Nevada, we rarely see each other, and we were great traveling partners in Hawaii a few years back. One thing I DO hope to get done is get a tattoo on our trip. At this point, I haven’t found a reputable tattoo shop but I’ll do some yelping and possibly talk to the locals. I’m also not someone who puts a lot of thought into my tattoos; it’s more of an aesthetic thing than a “I’m representing this moment/person/ideology” thing.

While in Hawaii, we came across the art of Heather Brown, who does surf art and I instantly thought the style would make a good tattoo. One of my last tattoos was the same deal. I brought the work off an artist, Konatsu, to my tattoo artist and he drew up a really great piece. That being said, Portland is like tattoo central (the joke is that you can’t drive 0.5 miles without running into a tattoo shop, strip club, or donut shop). Anyway, here’s some of Heather Brown’s work and I hope she wouldn’t be pissed that I want to copy it.

3 thoughts on “Coming to my arm soon – a midwestern tattoo

  1. 1) I love Lawrence! Rick’s family lives in Lenexa/Olathe, so I’ve been there a couple of times. I spent an entire day walking around downtown, checking out all the shops and restaurants.

    2) I love that artwork! I think that style would make a great tattoo.

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