#6: Learn How to Make Marshmallows from Scratch. Check.

Last Saturday, I blocked off my entire afternoon for two things: a massage, and making marshmallows. 

Straight off, I knew I wanted to make two batches. The first would be strictly by the book, and I was hoping to make flavored marshmallows for the second. I simply googled “Homeade Marshmallow Recipe” and followed the first thing to pop up: GET THE RECIPE HERE.

I don’t generally like baking a whole lot because it is such a science, and I more prefer to tweak recipes, or simply make them up as I go. I also suck really bad at reading directions (Thor says it’s one of my most annoying traits). However, this recipe was relatively painless and using the thermometer somehow made it more fun. The first batch turned out pretty perfect, and I was surprised how fast the fluff set once in the baking pan. The second batch tasted fine, but because I tried to split the batch in half at the last second to make half cinnamon and half mint, they set too soon and were almost impossible to spread out in the baking pan. Note to self: stick with the damned recipe.


Today, I took them all to school and had my students vote anonymously on their preferences. Plain was the winner (and I agree), but mint came in a close second. Upon tasting mint, another teacher remarked, “It tastes like toothpaste. I mean that in the best possible way.”




I must say that homeade marshmallows taste significantly better than store bought, but I consider myself somewhat of a marshmallow connoisseur. The biggest challenge was cutting them apart. I do NOT recommend the pizza cutter like the recipe suggests. Today a coworker suggested I use cookie cutters (and she’s pretty much the best cook I know in person) so I think I’ll try that next time – but I feel confident that I will submit marshmallows to the state fair in August.

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