Learning to Pick Locks – this week!

We are officially back from our Spring Break in Hawaii, and it’s time to get down to business with my goals. I swear I think about them everyday, but they just haven’t really been worked into my schedule.

This weekend I ordered a lock pick set on Amazon. It was a little difficult to pick a set (no pun intended) because this is NOT my field of specialty. There were so many choices! I took a step back and thought, What is my purpose of picking locks? When do I see myself picking locks? How will I be carrying the lock pick set? The first question, I really couldn’t answer except that picking locks sounds badass. But I know wherever I choose to pick locks, I probably won’t have a lot of room in my pockets or purse, and I don’t want to pull out 18  million different kinds of tools. This eliminated many options and left me with some small “pocket” kits. I also was not sure how much money I’m willing to invest in something I might get bored with immediately.

Then I fully admitted to myself that this goal is completely ridiculous, and I might as well rock it out all the way. Thus, I bought the James Bond faux-credit card carrying case that will fit snugly in my purse or back pocket.

Yes. I bought this. Don’t judge.

Today was April Fool’s Day, and while I’m not a huge prankster, I have been wanting to cause some random trouble at work. Thor gave me a good one from his work where if someone leaves their email open, a coworker sneaks on and sends an email out to their team that says something like, “I really enjoy working with all of you and to celebrate your hard work, I’m buying a round of drinks this Friday.”

ALL DAMNED DAY I tried to sneak into SOMEONE’S classroom and hack their email but everyone’s door was locked! I hung around corners all sneaky-like, and pretended to be really busy on my phone but I was completely unable to accomplish my mission. I thought to myself, If only I could pick locks, then I could get in!!!!

My lock pick set should be here by tomorrow, so if you see me hovering around your door, watch out.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Pick Locks – this week!

  1. Another good prank to pull on coworkers: Press ctrl + alt + one of the arrow keys (left, right, or up). It will rotate their screen 90-180 degrees. Have fun with that one!

  2. Yeah, I bought a book on picking locks and it’s extremely complicated and you pretty much need to make your own tools…that’s what Locksmiths have.

    Or you have to know a sort of shady person who knows how.

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