A Year Ago Today

A year ago today, I had surgery on my knee. My ACL, meniscus, MCL, and my kneecap to be exact. (I really blew that baby OUT.) Tomorrow we are going to Hawaii to start Spring Break a few weeks early, since last year was so, so miserable. 

But today I had to have my own personal little celebration. First off, I left a rebellious message in one of the staff copy rooms. Nothing special, but I’ll just say it was me. Then I left work right away and got a massage. Afterwards, I went through the Taco Bell drive-through for the first time in at least six months (and I only felt a little guilty). When I got home, I ate my Taco Bell while watching Regular Show. 

In case you were wondering, I am 32 going on 13.

My friends think I’m sadistic (for many reasons) but one in particular is that I actually ENJOYED the surgery for the most part. You get to wear PJs all day, and then when you wake up, everyone is tending to you hand and foot. The crackers and juice they serve you tastes like the finest caviar and champagne. And anything you say can’t be held against you because you are completely drugged up, in a legal sense.

I have hazy, grumpy memories of trying to get up our two flights of stairs the bedroom when we got home and then passing out. When I woke up, I marathoned The Young & the Restless while eating specially delivered meals I had ordered ahead of time, and then I did a crossword. I remember thinking to myself, “Hey! This is kind of fun!” But the following seven to eight months ssssssssucked (as you know if you’ve followed my blog).

Yesterday, I was getting a pedicure (yes, the celebration started a day early) and a woman getting  manicure accidentally knocked over her crutches. The sound was horribly familiar, and I felt a weird urge to look away. 

Today marks how so many things can happen in a year, and now that I’m finally back to a high point, I can only hope it will last awhile.

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