Working for that admin license…

Today I met with my mentor from Concordia University for my administrative program. I have piles of stuff haphazardly arranged in a portfolio in progress. My goal end-date is August 1st, but earlier would be nice, obviously.

She has been very patient with me. When I started the program a little less than two years ago, I was ready to sink my teeth into the program and get it done in a year. Then the principal and assistant principal BOTH retired, and a new (very difficult) team took her place. Soon after, my started my first class, which was absolutely TERRIBLE; I think I unlearned things. By the time I started my practicum, I was elbows deep in the the grief phase of losing my old bosses (somewhere in that denial/anger stage). All through this, my mentor continued to smile and give helpful advice.

Now, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and more importantly, I think I’ve come to the “acceptance” stage of working with my new bosses. That doesn’t mean I like it; I just accept it. Oddly enough, I’ve also come to a decision that school administration may not be the right place for me. Maybe later in life, but right now I still feel terribly uninspired. 

A month ago, my portfolio was just a stack of stuff; today it has entered the 3-ring binder stage and I don’t have too many hours left on my practicum. Small steps…

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