I realize that one of my goals was to see a live show once a month, as as February is coming to a close, it’s looking unlikely. I have been trolling the music listings all month, and haven’t seen anything I’m even remotely been interested in. Last weekend, a friend of mine was having a show that I really DID want to see, but we had already booked a private karaoke room at Voicebox so it wasn’t in the cards. 

Tonight, I again checked the listings and was even considering the opera or something like that, but Thor immediately vetoed the idea. 

Why not just check out a random band, you might ask? Well, another hitch is that I gave up my night owl ways long ago, and if I’m going to stay up late, I need to KNOW that I’m going to enjoy myself. A lot of friends who don’t roll out of bed until noon give me crap about my early bed time, but the reality is that I get my ass up at 4:45am to workout during the week, and if I stay up past 11 then I feel totally hungover the next day no matter how sober I played it. I don’t expect my late morning friends to get up with me to see the sunrise, so yeah, there’s that. 

In fact, a friend and I have been toying around with the idea of hosting “Brunch Karaoke.” People in Portland LOVE brunch and they LOVE karaoke! But I digress…

Perhaps I can try to see two shows in March…? 

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