The Calendar

Ahhhh! It’s almost the end of February and while I’ve been working on some of my goals, I haven’t completed a single one! Last year I think I’d already knocked out a couple by March.

Which brings up a good point: when you don’t have a specific plan with a timetable, it’s easy to let things slip by. This morning I put together my calendar with important items that need to be scheduled. Believe it or not, it’s not easy for me to just “plug” items in. Certain times of the year are INSANE since I’m a teacher and I can pretty much kiss my free time good bye (September and October, I’m talking to you). Then there are other months where I’m lounging around on the back patio getting my bronze on in total leisure (July and August, I’m talking to you).

Then when it comes to fitness goals, I’ve got to wait for the weather to get better (which means August 15th in Oregon) – but thankfully I’m going to Hawaii next month so I think we’ll be packing a baseball for the beach.

By the way, Kerrie, Heidi, and Courtney, you better put September on the calendar because we will be entering a karaoke contest somewhere.Image

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