9. Run a Mile in Less Than 6:30…almost…

This week, one of my close friends is having surgery and today she held a Surgery Shower at my urging since mine was just about a year ago and it made my experience must easier to stomach. It’s nice to know that while a year ago I was creating an online gift registry for things like vitamins, knee pillows, and ice packs, things have improved immensely for 2013. Here are three things from the weekend that show measurable proof.

1. Yesterday while I was throwing my stuff into a locker at the gym, a woman stopped me and said, “I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but I watch you workout every week and you are a badass.” Instead of being modest, I started pulling on my weightlifting gloves and replied, “Thanks for noticing.”

2. On the treadmill, I have been able to start increasing my speed without pain (albeit muscle fatigue). Yesterday I ran two miles of intervals with my highest speed at 9.5 (equivalent to 6:19 min/mile). That’s AFTER a really exhausting workout with my trainer.

3. Today I went on my regular Sunday run and ran mile four as fast as I could. I made it at 7:19 min/mile. I feel pretty good about that since not only did I run three very hilly miles beforehand, but just a couple months ago I was limping through a ten-minute mile.


One of my goals is the run a mile at 6:30…which I think is about 9.1. I intend to run on both the treadmill at the gym and also a real track (which is probably more challenging). It’s nice to know I’m making swift progress considering I was bemoaning my stupid pain-laden knee back in December.

A colleague and I were discussing the idea of change this past week (as in what causes people to change, maintain change, or resist change), and how complex it is. My theory has always been to celebrate small successes. Thus, last night I celebrated my small successes by getting together with my friends and singing karaoke (ok I would have done that regardless – but it felt celebratory!).

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